Modern for traditional reasons.


The economic revival had arrived. In the mid-nineteenth century the mood in Germany was optimistic and this was also the case in Harburg near Hamburg, where the Cohen brothers founded the firm of Phoenix.

Initially Phoenix produced rubber shoes, but later established itself with tyres in the vanguard of the emerging automobile industry. Its know-how in the rubber products industry led Phoenix to begin producing printing blankets, and there was soon great demand for its products from the world‘s printing industry.

Since 2005 Phoenix Xtra Blankets has been part of ContiTech Elastomer Coatings, one of the world‘s biggest manufacturers of printing blankets worldwide. Accordingly Phoenix Xtra Blankets can look back on a number of milestones in the development of printing blankets, for example the fi rst elastic printing blanket (1911), a patent for the production of compressible printing blankets (1961) and the world‘s fi rst climate-neutral printing blankets (2010).