Giving the future the go-ahead.


Those who take sustainability seriously can‘t just restrict themselves to environmentally-friendly products, but must also design the production process in a correspondingly sustainable way.

At our company this has a long tradition: our production facilities in Waltershausen, Thuringia, are certified in accordance with the DIN ISO 14001 environmental norm and exploit intensive heat and energy recovery technology in order to cut energy consumption.

Production – cutting edge.
The printing industry never stands still, with the application of ever new print substrates, machines, inks and lacquers. To enable you to meet these challenges we develop highly specialised printing blankets which are ideal for a wide range of tasks.

Optimum product quality is provided by the very latest production facilities, workflows in which all parameters are constantly monitored, strict quality management, the latest testing equipment and raw material selection certifi ed in accordance with ISO Norm 9001.

As a result there is no place for quality fluctuations.

Production / Quality